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Moving to a new URL

[ Hello followers ! I am moving to a different blog URL , same exact Alakazam , so come on over and follow me there!! 

And ask away!! ] :]







I would like at least one present ovvvo

Where did you get the spoons?

Greetings , great one . I gained one spoon when my mind aligned and I became a Kadabra , many moon cycles ago , from the Wise One , Arceus . It is used to train myself and to help with focus of my mind to what is physical around me . I was granted another when I became what you see now , an Alakazam . 


What is this pokeball of which you speak ?

Thank you very much for your wise words... Also, I'd hate to ask a somewhat selfish question, but do you see my relationship with another specific person developing into something more in the future?

Hmm , this is difficult to say , human . Your heart is divided between this other human , and your duty to your team . The choice is yours , it is up to you where your path will lead you , but choose wisely .

Alakazam, is there a way to counter anon magic that you allowed to be cast? It is a bit painful for me to walk in such a state as this...

Do not be ashamed to come to me as you are, human child . I see the heart of all those who walk towards me , and from them can discern the state of their hearts . Do all you can to stop the anonymous from approaching you , for in their shadows , there is great confusion .

Do you know all that ever was,is, and all that there ever will be?

I know of many things, dark one . I do not know of all things from the Before, but I can sense them in others . I know of the struggles you had as an Eevee , and I know of the good life you have waiting for you , with the one you love . As for all there ever will be … I shall have to be patient, won’t I ? 

A-Ah. . .hello, Alak-k-kazam ~ I w-was wondering, what is it l-l-like to move things with your m-m-mind?

Hello little one 

I feel at peace when I use telekinesis . My mind and soul are perfectly aligned, and it continues to sharpen me as I perfect the art . Practice, little one, and you may do it as well .

A new beginning

Greetings, and peace be upon your heart and minds. 

I am Alakazam. 

After meditating for many moon cycles, I know now I must use my knowledge of the universe to give you wisdom. 

Ask, my child, in a sincere heart and I shall answer what I can.

Ask in stupidity, and suffer the consequence. The choice is yours.